BPL Oxy 10 Neo Dual

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BPL Oxy 10 Neo Dual – Experience the easy Breath. Applies pressure swing adsorption technology, which ensures quality oxygen concentrator.

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BPL Oxy10 Neo Dual

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Dual Output -Rugged Cabinet – 10 Litre Dual Flow Machine with 2 output channels housed in Flame retardant Thermo Plastic moulded cabinet

Secure, Reliable & Energy Efficient – Gas circuit is controlled by Low & High pressure system which ensures secured & reliable operation. Energy efficient & Compressor with thermal protector.

Ease of Maintenance – Because of its simple & Ergonomic design product can be easily serviced

Low Noise – Device has inbuilt multilevel noise reduction measures

Display Information – User can view usage hours & adjust Auto-shut timer

Timer Function – Users can set the time in the range of 0 – 99 Min for auto shut down

Audio & Visual Alarms – Audio alarm for Power failure, Low Oxygen concentration, Compressor failure, Pressure Cycle failure

Nebulization Therapy – Built-in atomizing device for atomizing therapy

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